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If you're on this part of are site you're here for a reason. You probably need something moved that is wide, heavy or Tall. Pulling an oversized load transport is a complex procedure that involves preparing a number of technical and logistical elements before you even start. Knowing how to deal with the legal considerations, permits and the technical challenges of pulling a heavy load is critical to having a successful oversized load journey.

It doesn't matter what size your piece of equipment is, we can get it there for you. We have the capability and expertise to move anything from the smallest tractor to the largest crane as well as everything in between. We can provide transport of single or multiple pieces as well as making multiple pickup and deliveries.

Are Heavy Haul division has been in business since 1969 and we specialize in these types of moves. We have the right staff, qualified drivers, quality equipment and the strength and knowledge to get the job done right.

when it comes to those specialized trucking shipments Cummings Transport has the modern equipment to handle anything you could want to move. Wide loads, heavy loads, and high loads all require specific equipment to handle the specific needs of each type of shipment. Cummings Transport can deliver all of those services to you.

Cummings Transport is the answer to providing specialized trucking service on a nationwide basis through General Commodity and Contract Authority. With carefully planned qualification programs, requirements for drivers and equipment are high--not only must they pass all D.O.T. qualifications, they must pass ours! To accomplish this, only experienced, professional drivers and the best equipment are accepted.

Cummings Transport Operates with a network of Agency Terminals strategically located in key market areas throughout the continental United States. Our success and growth in trucking is attributable to our honesty, integrity and the Cummings Transport tradition of innovation, reliability and quality of service, which started in 1969 and still describes the way we do trucking business today.

Cummings Transport, your answer to worry free shipping.


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